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Aubrey is on Tour!

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Check out Aubrey's My Space page for dates and such!

And, oh my goodness, we have to publicize this community! The only ones getting this message right now, are me, Aubrey, and razrcutkisses!


KCRC Radio Shows

Aubrey recently performed at www.kcscradio.com before she left Chico.

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Did you miss the live performances?

You can find them here:

KCSC Radio

The first show is the Kids Don't Follow" show from May 4th. (In this show, Aubrey plays a new song that isn't on either album!) The second show is called "{insert} Genre Here" on May 6th. Aubrey djs through this show with her friend G10, and she starts singing about 2 hours into each show. I believe she starts a little sooner in the "{Insert} Genre Here" show and she plays some older songs in this show. G10 joins in as well, and plays a cute little song for Aubrey as a way to say goodbye to her before she leaves Chico!

Even though I know this is kind of out of left field, let me just say that I love Aubrey and her music so much. I have been going through some very tough personal things lately, (love, death, despair and hangovers), and Aubrey's songs give me so much comfort. Thank you, Aubrey.


Welcome and Lyrics

Welcome to the first Aubrey Debauchery community on Live Journal!

To get started, the lyrics to Ms. Debauchery's songs are posted below for your enjoyment. First, are the lyrics to Forgiven/Forgotten:

A Man to Pass the TimeCollapse )

A Little Town North of YouCollapse )

Dear OmahaCollapse )

ForeverCollapse )

Guilty LipsCollapse )

SleepCollapse )

Love Song for No OneCollapse )

Day After DeathCollapse )

Sex Was GoodCollapse )

And the lyrics to In May:

Double NegativeCollapse )

Drinkin' AgainCollapse )

BartenderCollapse )

My WeaknessCollapse )

Duffy'sCollapse )

In MayCollapse )

New YorkCollapse )

Trouble vs. Bad NewsCollapse )

How's It Goin'Collapse )

You and the StringCollapse )


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